Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A River Runs Through It...

Oakland, NJ - 28-AUG-2011, Houses on River Road along the Ramapo River in Oakland, New Jersey are flooded in the aftermath of of Hurricane Irene. The river roils along its banks past houses located on River Road.
After the storm passed and amidst hours of sirens and air horns sounding in the distance. I deemed it safe enough to venture forth and explore the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in my home town of Okkalnd, New Jersey. The focus fo my trek was the bridge that crossed the Ramapo River which runs through the center of town. A site of previous floodings, I captured the residents and curious onlookers as the water rose inudating homes and threatening the Sgt. Peter Cressman Bridge.

OEM, Police and fire departments were watching and assessing the rising water and its impact on the bridge.

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