Sunday, September 4, 2011

Surely You Joust...

I timed my arrival in Tuscany with the joustng festival, The Saracen Joust of Arrezo.  Held the first Sunday in September every year.  This is a colorful display of rivaly. Participants representing four quadrants of the town  dress in respective colors of green/red, yellow/crimson, white/green, yellow/blue. Each team parades throught he town with much regalia and fanfare culminating in the Knight's Tournament in the Piazza Grande.

I rambled through the city tasting the local food, including Boar's Head.  Other vendors selling arts, crafts and tourist merchandise gathered in the park.

The beautiful walled city contained  churches and quaint restaurants . The streets swirled with crowds of people.  We got prime seats for the joust after waiting in an interminable line.  Just like "Medieval Times' we got to cheer for our home team- Porta del Foro known as Porta S.Lorentino (yellow and crimson colors).

As much as I enjoyed the festival atmosphere, I would return to Arrezo at another time to take a more leisurely stroll through its alleyways.  If I do I would stay at

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  1. Wow the jousting festival, I bet more and more people are visiting Tuscany to experience it's beauty.